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I'm on a mission to help you feel empowered, loved, and supported in making real sustainable change to live your most authentic life. I know that living a balanced lifestyle in our crazy world can be incredibly challenging. It takes courage to go against the grain and create your life, a life full of mindfulness, community, and ease. You babe, are worthy of feeling that pure, fearless joy and everything you need is right at your beautiful fingertips.  

I started Mind Body Mel out of a deep desire to connect with other people who are driven to be movers and shakers, people who desire more in life and want to learn, grow, and live the life they want to live. I created this community to help people feel empowered in the everyday changes they make to live a life of vibrancy and purpose. I'm here to be your advocate and a shoulder you can lean on because I've been there, y'all. 


my journey

After my own health crisis of being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome in July 2016, I used food as medicine to heal. I am so insanely passionate about empowering others to take control of their health that I moved from the East Coast all the way to Portland, Oregon where I'm currently completing my Masters in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine so that I can help others achieve the life they deserve.  


what i like

I’m a lover of big mugs of matcha, my sweet pup Lola, conversations with good friends that make your heart hum, yoga flows, a quick fiction read, bursts of creativity, dancing it out in my kitchen, bullet journaling, spending time outside, digital detoxing, and satisfying my sweet tooth with homemade gluten-free baked goods.


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