Gluten Free Holiday Cookie Roundup


For baking enthusiasts like me, holiday baking is like the olympics of all baking. There are so many different flavors - peppermint! cocoa! gingerbread! oh my! and family classics to get right. You need some that are chewy, some with a good snap, all in the hopes of getting a Paul Hollywood handshake…. ok maybe I’ve been watching just a little too much Great British Baking Show. But for me holiday baking is a big, enjoyable occasion that I look forward to every year because it brings my whole family together in the kitchen. 

When I was first beginning my healing journey I was devastated to think that I would no longer be able to enjoy my family’s treasured recipes. No gluten? What was even the point, I thought. I am here to tell my past self and you that it is possible to have your [gluten free] cake and eat it too. It’s even dare I say it, fun, to develop new takes on old favorites or experiment with brand new recipes. 

Here are eight recipes to get you started - some are vegan, some contain eggs, all are gluten free. 

  1. Vegan Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies [V, GF, DF] - Beaming Baker

    I brought these to a holiday gathering and discovered that peppermint is a VERY divisive flavor. I have now of course unfriended all of those people because I simply can’t imagine how anyone can hate peppermint! I added some crushed candy canes on top and they looked delightful. For the people in your life who love peppermint, this one is a big hit. 

  2. Paleo Chai Spiced Cookies [GF, DF] - Erin Lives Whole

    These are the perfect combination of crunchy on the outside with a chewy middle. I don’t do well with cashews so I subbed walnuts and they were delish. I’ve made them three times in the past few weeks. 

  3. Tigernut Chocolate Chip Cookies [GF] - Grazed and Enthused

    Every time I talk about these cookies I’m met with a “tiger-what?” Tigernut flour is made from tiger nuts, which are a tuber. It’s a great flour especially if you’re following the Autoimmune Protocol. The vanilla bean ghee in these cookies makes them irresistible. 

  4. Cookie Skillets IndividualsRachel Good Eats [GF, DF, V option]

    If tigernut is sounding way too exotic for you, these are my other favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Chewy and delicious. Sprinkle on some green and red sprinkles for an easy holiday update. 

  5. Creamy Peppermint PattiesPaleo Cookie Exchange Ebook by Grass Fed Salsa [GF, DF, AIP option]

    There are a lot of great Paleo holiday recipes in this free e-book provided by Grass Fed Salsa. I love the surprise peppermint taste of these cookies. 

  6. Paleo Ginger Molasses Cookies - Ambitious Kitchen [GF]

    If you’ve never had a ginger molasses cookie, you’re missing out. I love the combination of the spices and the robust flavor blackstrap molasses adds to any cookie. 

  7. Paleo Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites - Unbound Wellness [AIP, GF, DF]

    I’m a huge fan of all of Michelle’s recipes and I’m planning to make this one this weekend. I’ve never made my own marshmallows and I’m excited to try it! 

  8. Macarons - Tasty [GF]

    I just discovered that macarons are made of almond flour and inherently gluten free. I. love. macarons. I am about to become a macaron baking fiend this weekend and am looking forward to the challenge of perfecting these fickle treats. I’m thinking one peppermint filling with a matcha green macaron to really amp up the holiday spirit. 



Any of your gluten free favorites that I missed? Let me know below! Happy holidays and happy baking, my friends.