Six Tips for Easy Breezy Mornings


Oh, mornings. You know those annoying chipper people who enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn, the ones who don’t even need a cup of coffee before they dive into soliloquys of deep thoughts and maybe even… workout? If you had told my college self that I would be waking up at 6 am now not to quickly finish a paper to submit but for pleasure I would have laughed while downing my fourth coffee of the morning.

I’m definitely not Miss Sunshine when I first wakeup but there is something so sweet to me about getting up before the rest of the world and having time just for me. I don’t race into my mornings - I savor them and have developed a morning ritual I look forward to each morning. I love sipping a warm mug of matcha while walking my crazy pup around the neighborhood. I read a few pages of an inspiring book and journal while eating my breakfast. I make sure I always have enough time to enjoy my mornings before getting dressed and ready for the work or school day.

My advice is to start small when you’re changing your routines and set the alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier. You can add one new habit at a time and see how you feel for a week with this change. A simplified morning brings a simplified mind. You have the rest of the day to rush and do work, you deserve to start your day with a little peace so you can bring your best self to everything that you do.



I’m always amazed how much of a difference this makes in freeing up precious time in the morning. It’s always the mornings that you need to be on time to an appointment that your dog throws up or your alarm doesn’t go off. Take fifteen minutes at the end of your night to set yourself up for the next day. Packing your lunch ahead of time means you can just grab and go after your alarm sounds and you’re heading out the door. For ideas of meals that travel well, check out my post Simple Lunches for Life on the Go. Give yourself the simple gift of hustle-free morning. The less things you need to do in the morning the less stressed you’ll feel falling asleep and waking up, knowing you have a blissful morning ahead of you.



After a night of fasting, breakfast helps our body refuel for the day ahead. Protein, fat, and fiber make for a delicious and satiating trio. Try an egg scramble loaded with veggies and topped with avocado or a sweet potato, kale, and ground chicken skillet. Bonus points if you can put the phone down and engage in mindful eating, paying attention to the tastes in each bite. 



Are you one of those people that says “I don’t have time to read” and has a shelf of books you’ve promised you’ll get to? I feel you. With so much screen time reading, studying, or working it feels like we’re reading all day and we just want to turn on Netflix and turn the brain off. Reading is an amazing gift because we are able to learn about new cultures, stories, and ideas without ever leaving our couch. You never know what sentence you’ll read that totally changes your concept of the world and speaks to your soul. If ten pages seem too much or too little, just set a fifteen minute timer. Education doesn’t need to stop when you graduate, invest time in your learning.

bullet journal-min.jpg


I love starting my day with a pen and paper and writing down something I’m grateful for. When you approach the day with a loving heart, it’s a lot easier to have patience and empathy for the people around you that might normally grate on your last nerve. No matter the hardship you are facing there is always something that makes life beautiful and this simple activity helps shift the brain from seeking out the negatives.  



Coffee, tea, warm lemon water, hot chocolate, whatever your thing is I’m sure you reach for it each morning. There’s nothing better than a warm mug to coax you out of bed. I can always tell the difference in a day I had matcha in the morning from the days I didn’t, it’s just not the same. I love adding MCT oil and medicinal mushroom powders for some added brain fuel for my day. For recipes on how to take your morning mug game to the next level check out my FREE resource Healing Mugs for Every Morning.



I wear the same makeup nearly every day, if I wear it at all. I wear my hair in a top knot or leave it down after air drying it. I wear jeans and a nice shirt to school. I do this so my brain doesn’t need to waste time making decisions, leading to less fatigue in the afternoon. When your brain begins to automate tasks it has more endurance for the tasks it’s really needed for. This is my baseline - less time on the excess, more time for nourishing my mind and body.

Those are some of my easy tips for stress free mornings. I’m a firm believer that the tone of your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Hit the comment button below and tell me, what would you add to this list?

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