what would it look like to say “yes”?

You might just change your life.


It definitely changed mine.

Being in grad school with an autoimmune disease, my energy and time are limited. This job has given me the opportunity to build a business on my own terms and give me financial freedom to focus on my health and learning.

I know you’ve got questions. Believe me, I had a loooong list. I’m getting into the nitty gritty and giving you allll the details to questions like:

Do you have to have a big inventory of products?

Do you need a big instagram or blog following to be successful?

What’s the real investment?

How much money do you really make?

How does Beautycounter compare to companies like DoTerra, Young Living, Mary Kay, etc.?

What is the consultant discount?

Do I have to build a team?

Is there a monthly sales minimum?

What if I work full time or in school? 

If you’re starting to get butterflies, feeling excitement and curiosity - you owe it to yourself to explore this opportunity. You won’t regret it.

What it REALLY Means to be a Beautycounter Consultant

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